Why Do You Need Video Intercom Systems At Home?

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Who does not want to boost security around their home? People go to any lengths to ensure their property is safe and secure. In this challenge, video intercom systems play a crucial role and make the work easy for homeowners. With wireless door phone, electronic operation, and video capabilities, the intercom system protects your house and assets while using the latest technology. You get control over the access of visitors in your home via the front door, and you can verify their identity as well.

Let’s dive into the many more reasons to know why do you need a video intercom system at home.

What Is Video Intercom System?

An intercom system refers to the intercommunication between outside and inside the house. The video intercom system has a wireless door phone along with a camera out and a monitor inside the home. It is an electronic device and method that sends and receives the audio and video signals.

Now, when someone presses the doorbell on the wireless door phone, it activates the system. That person can talk via a microphone, and the camera will capture his image. These signals are carried inside the house and displayed over the monitor and speaker. So, anyone inside the home can talk and view the visitor present outside with the monitor. Also, you can open the gate by pressing a button if you have an electronic door lock system installed in your home.

Benefits Of Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems benefit a household in more than one way. It offers wireless communication and live video services to remove the guesswork regarding the visitors or guests. You can check the identity of the person before opening the door and decide whether to let them in or not.

Further benefits of video intercom systems at home are:

Enhanced Safety And Security

The most significant advantage of video intercom system is that it enhances the protection and security around your home. You can clearly see through the camera placed outside that who has come to visit you. Moreover, you can verify the identity and assess any risk of letting the visitor in, from inside the house behind locked doors.

You have a choice to refuse the visitors from letting them in if you doubt their credibility. Also, the video shows you a clear image of the person and their ID cards if you have to verify their details. Thus, no one can enter your home without your permission, and video intercom systems keep the intruders away.

Live Video Anywhere

When it comes to wireless door phones and system, they are accessible anywhere. These modern systems provide you with a video of your front door anywhere in the world over your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. So, you stay connected to your home with the help of this modern wireless technology.

Moreover, you receive a live video and audio feed of your front door. Also, if you have the relevant system installed, you can control the access over the door. You can open or lock your home from anywhere in the world without any trouble.

Make Your Property Valuable

Who does not want to buy a home that is fully secured and comes with a comprehensive security system? For a home buyer, a house that has a functional alarm system with a video intercom system creates a charm. This one additional feature can make the difference in the sale of your home.

Moreover, modern technology and wireless door phone for communication enhance the appeal. It makes the home more safe and secure for the buyers to take the initiative and buy it. So, the value of your property increases with an increment in the selling amount.

Integrate With Other Systems

The greatest thing about video intercom systems and the latest technology is that you can merge or integrate different systems. Suppose you already have CCTV camera placed over your home without any intercom system or monitor. In that situation, you do not need to remove it for the intercom system.

The video intercom system can integrate with the existing system and make a set-up to view images from the available CCTV camera instead of pacing another camera. So, you can watch the video on the system’s monitor, as per the camera placement and keep an eye on other parts of the home as well.

Keep The Records

Some of the modern intercom systems also come with extra features. They can record and store the images and videos from the camera. Thus, you can view the camera footage at any time to recognize or identify the visitors and keep evidence of any unauthorized entry.

This simple technology feature keeps the intruders or thieves away from your home. With the fear of leaving behind visual evidence, they think twice before trespassing your property. So, this video intercom system does more than just providing a medium for intercommunication.

Improve Inter-Room Communication

Not only outside but also inside your residence, you can install a video intercom system. You can set up this device at multiple locations in your home, which will help you in communication with family members. This system supports both audio and video communication effectively inside the house. Also, you can keep an eye on the children or monitor any parts of the home easily.


Lastly, wireless door phone and video intercom systems are easy to use and convenient systems. Once the intercom system is installed, you can use it without any hassle, with just a push of the button. So, it increases the security around your home with comfort and ease.

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