ESP ICED6 door entry systems


Design Philosophy

• The controller provides all the input, output and communication status of LED.
• Supports standalone and network versions.
• For the access control systems, adopting single door controller is reliable (in case of the controller
failed, it only influenced the operation of one door).

Functions of controller

• Supports RS485 chain connection in network version.
• Supports TCP/IP expansion board and make controller connected into Ethernet (optional).
• Supports second RS485 bus, can be used for extension to connect other devices.
• Supports reader of Wiegand output 26 bits to 64 bits and custom card format.
• Supports in/out readers.
• Supports maximum 8000 cards and 10000 offline events.
• Supports card, password, card + password modes. Password length 4 to 8 digits.
• Users can add cards, delete cards and wipe all cards.
• Can add, delete and delete all users by function card (network version also supports function card).
• If in standalone mode, you can set controller’s parameter by keyboard.
• Supports fire alarm input, signal input will trigger the lock and control relay, trigger alarm can be set
by software.
• Supports 2 outputs of relay: door lock control relay and alarm output relay.
• Tamper protection.
• Multi-door interlock function needed to connect software
• Provide API to third party

Technical Specification

Reader connection Wiegand/ RS485
In/out reader Supports in/out reader
Function card Add/delete/wipe all users
Capacity 8000 cards
Event 100000 offline events
Fire alarm input Alarm output relay and lock control relay
Alarm output relay NC/NO 30Vdc/ 1A (max) (dry contact)
Lock control relay NC/NO 30Vdc/ 2A (max) (dry contact)
Address RS485: 0 – 63
TCPIP: 1 – 8
Communication RS485/ network
Dimension 120*120*35 mm (including mounting hole and
Net weight 300g


Wiring Diagram