ESP-102A TCP/IP Single Door Access Controller



  • Directly integrate 10M TCP/IP communication with excellent transmission performance.
  • Flash memory card with big capacity can keep data for 10 years if the electricity goes off.
  • Hardware has webserver function, management and real time monitoring can be realized
    without installing software.
  • All of chips are imported from overseas to meet industrial demand, NEC relay from Japan.
  • Support card readers to realize going in and out by swiping card.
  • Time zone: 16 and each group can choose different verification methods.
  • Support multi verifications: card, card + password, double cards, first card opening, timing door force open or close, timing alarm.
  • Support remote operation of door and alarm, fire alarm opening or closing.
  • Support door locking through software or WEB.
  • Support anti-pass back going beyond access controllers.
  • Support alarm output of multi events like invalid card and time, door alarm, door open overtime.
  • Wiegand interfaces are compatible with wiegand 26/34/37 protocol.
  • Automatic data sending and transporting is not influenced by quantity of controllers.
  • Support the setting of every card’s valid time.
  • All of access controllers support 485, TCP/IP controllers’ mixing installation.
  • Support real time management monitor by multi users and multi devices.
  • Network real time monitor can be realized working with web map.


Card Holder 54,000 cards
Logs 60,000 records
Alarm Events 10,000 events
Communication TCP/IP
Card Reader Wiegand 26/34 reader
Card Reading Distance 3 – 10 cm
Verification Card, card + password, double cards, password, first card opening, release button, remote opening from
software, timing door opening.
Card Reader 2
Alarm Output 1
Fire Alarm Input 1
Release Button 1
Door Sensor 1
Lock Output 1
Main Board Size 135*105*26mm
Main Board Weight 160g
Working Temperature < 60 degree
Environment Humidity 10% – 90% RH
Working Voltage 12V
Working Current < 150mA
Rated Power ≤ 10W