Elevator Door Access Controller



  • Can connecting other multi door access controller to set up a network and manage in one software
  • Capacity: 54000 cards, 60000 records, 1000 alarm records
  • Time zone: 8 groups, and can setting related multi door opening method like card, card + password, double card
  • Support remote door opening, remote open or close fire alarm, alarm
  • Support many alarm events’ output, like invalid card, invalid time, door alarm, door opening time surpassing.
  • Support 2 wiegand card reader, automatically 26,34,37 protocal
  • 32 input, 32 output, can each panel can connect 3 expanded panels, totally control 128 floors.


Size 228mm×145mm×23mm
Weight 0.45kg
Temperature < 60℃
Humidity 10% ~ 95% R.H
Voltage DC 12V
Current < 130mA
Power ≤ 1W
Connecting device
Connecting device 1
Control output 32 pcs (dry connection output)
Card capacity 54000
Records 60000
Alarm capacity 10000 pcs
Communication 485
Card reader communication Wiegand
Door opening method Card, password, card & password, double bard,
first card opening, software, fire alarm, release button, timing door opening