Digital Signage Multimedia Controller

Digital Signage Multimedia Controller


The Unique Features:

  • Web-based – fully web-based solution, web-based content update.
  • Reliable – industrial design, non-stop continuous running.
  • User-friendly – simple & easy content management dashboard.
  • Integrated – ready to integrate with any 3rd party data & content.
  • Real-time – instantaneous media upload and broadcasting.
  • Any-Media – media supported MP4, AVI, MPG, TICKET, TEXT, PNG, JPG, RSS, URL.
  • Multi-lingual – multiple languages interface and content.
  • Customization – pre-loaded templates allows flexible design & icons selection.
Specification QB-MMC-1000 QB-MMC-2000 QB-MMC-2100
Printer 80mm thermal printer with 200 mm/s speed
Processor Quad Core 2.0Ghz Octa Core 2.0Ghz
Memory 2GB Ramm
Disk Space 8GB (Internal) 16GB (Internal)
Resolution Pixel Full HD, 1920 (W) x1080 (H) Ultra HD, 4K 2K
Video Output HDMI 1.4 HDMI 2.0
HDMI Input No Yes
Network WIFI / RJ45 LAN 100Mbps WIFI / RJ45 LAN 1000Mbps
Dimension 160mm x 102mm x 25mm 160mm x 105mm x 25mm
Weight 0.6KG
Power 12VDC Power Adapter


Powerful, robust & embedded processor design.