Bluetooth Multi-technologies Reader

Bluetooth Multi-technologies Reader


  • Phone App has two versions:
  • ❖ iOS® version – Install in Apple phone, which shall require iphone 5s model or up
    ❖ AndroidTM version – Install in any AndroidTM phone, which shall require version 4.4.4 or above
    ❖ The phone App need to be initialized before it works with the BT Reader
    ❖ The communication in between the reader and Apps are authenticated and encrypted with AES128 to ensure the communication is highly secured!Design Background

  • Show-to-Go: Show the Smartphone in front of the reader as showing a card.
  • Shake-to-Go: Shake the Smartphone from horizontal to vertical or vice versa (NOT turn the phone!)
  • Reader supports both Bluetooth and Mifare technologies.
  • Reader supports “Show-to-Go” in any configured reading mode.
  • Reader also supports “Shake-to-Go” and “Handsfree” reading mode.
  • Reader can set to 3 different reading distance modes:
  • ❖ Standard mode: 0.5 to 1m
    ❖ Mid-Range mode: 3 to 5m
    ❖ Long-Range mode: 5 to 10m

  • Directional antenna is used to maximize the read range in front of the reader but minimize the read range at the back of the reader.
  • Supports Reader Configuration Card to re-configure the read range and/or Mifare reading at site.
  • Use Customer Code and End User Code with AES128 to encrypt the card data being stored inside the Apps and decrypt by the reader so that other duplicated card number from other site could not be read.
  • The phone Apps requires to initialize before it can be use on the reader, which allows the customer has full control of the data inside the phone.
  • The Apps allow the user to tune the reading distance and the sensitivity of the “Shake” with password protected.
  • The Apps support Manual Activation Button when the app is running on screen.
  • The Apps show the strength of the Bluetooth signal being detected.
  • The Apps support to run at the background mode of the phone.
Features Standard & Mini Reader Keypad Reader
Reader Specifications
Re-configure Window 5 seconds (Default) or Half an hour after Power up
Reading Technologies Bluetooth & Mifare
Reader Output Format Programmed Card number inside App or CSN/UID 32bits, 34bits, 56bits (backward/forward) or programmed ID in the Mifare card
Antenna Directional
Keypad Output N/A Definable
Buzzer Control Reader & Controller control (Default) or Controller control only
Read Range Bluetooth is configurable to 1m, 5m or more; Mifare is around 5 cm
Wiring Distance 150m (22 AWG with shielded cable)
Apps Specifications
Operating System Both iOS & Android
Data Encryption Customer Code + End User Code + AES128
Show-to-Go Read distance is adjustable
Shake-to-Go Phone vibrate when motion is success
Shake Sensitivity Adjustable
Operating Specification
Operating Voltage 10 – 15VDC
Operating Current 150mA (max)
Operating Temperature -30°C-70°C
Exterior dimension (Mini) 115.5*84.5*20.5mm (84.05*54.05*16.5mm)
Case material PC+ABS
Operating Humidity 10% – 90%
Weight (Mini) 210g (160g)


The phone App need to be initialized before it works with the BT Reader