Wireless Door Phone

Every property requires a system to keep an eye on door entrance activities and manage who has access to the door. It is your responsibility as a building’s developer, manager, or tenant to make sure that tenants, visitors, employees, and service providers can enter the facility through the front door safely. Installing a door phone is one popular technique of door access.

Efficient Systems offers a convenient and secure wireless doorphone to control your entrances. You can find a wide range of door phones that perfectly meet your property safety requirements.

What is a wireless door phone?

Tenants can communicate with guests and provide access to the property using door phones. A door phone can be a piece of hardware erected specifically to allow entry through the door, or it can be an existing landline hooked into the door phone system. A video door phone typically requires specific installation because the video screen on the handset is required for occupants to watch live videos of their guests.

How does a wireless door phone work?

Radio frequency (RF) technology is used in wireless doorphones to transfer signals between the interior unit, either a handset or a base station, and the outdoor unit, usually installed close to the door. The occupant is notified of a visitor when the doorbell button is pressed, which causes the outdoor unit to transmit a signal to the indoor unit wirelessly.

The indoor device then sounds an alert, and if the system has a camera, it might show a video. The indoor and outdoor units can communicate in both directions, enabling the resident to speak with the guest before granting entry.

How to use a wireless door phone?

A wireless door phone is easy to use. The indoor device receives a signal from the doorbell when it is pressed. Pick up the phone or utilise the indoor device to speak with the guest. Certain models can be seen through a camera. Even better, you can remotely unlock the door. Keep the gadget plugged in or charged, then look through the manual for additional functions. You can now speak with guests without having to go to the door!