Time And Attendance System

A Time Attendance System is one of the most effective ways to manage work hours, eliminate paperwork, increase productivity, or control costs. Efficient Systems Pte Ltd provides an excellent time and attendance system that lets you and your employees enter work hours and run reports hassle-free!

As we know, time and attendance are the most crucial components of business management. When tracking employee work hours, organisations record the labour costs accurately and make available the benefits to their staff. Using this software allows your employees to track and manage work hours better.

You can receive an accurate insight into your team’s activity and efficiently control the cost of labour. Your employees are adequately compensated for their work

We offer one of the best time and attendance systems, making it easy and straightforward for employees and managers to track working hours and schedules. You can streamline attendance tracking, timesheet collection, analysis of time, and payroll calculation of employees. You don’t need to maintain the piles of paperwork and outdated spreadsheets anymore!

Time Attendance Machine by Efficient Systems incorporates multiple features:

  • Tracking of employee hours
  • Keep track of employee paid time off (PTO)
  • Manage the workforce
  • successfullyTracking of time spent by employee on each activity
  • View the project profit and budget
  • Generate invoices and manage payrolls

Now there is no more confusion! With our Efficient Systems Pte Ltd automated payroll, you can quickly eliminate all your confusion in just a few clicks. Utilize automated payroll, which is simple to use, easy to maintain, and creates consistency in business.

You will find a variety of time attendance machines on the market, but finding the one that fits your needs is quite difficult. But don’t worry; we offer businesses the best solution for time and attendance management. We streamline the process to manage time and attendance properly with an advanced solution.

Not only this, but it also empowered employees to manage their vacation, schedule, or time card accurately. The best part, we offer a system that will allow your employees to control timesheets easily on a mobile phone from anywhere. Managers don’t need to maintain the employee’s time and attendance sheets!

Get the most powerful and affordable software in Singapore to manage the time and attendance of your employees efficiently!