Video Intercom Systems

Want to keep your home or business safe from burglars? If you answered yes, integrate the video intercom system into your existing security system.This system provides efficient and convenient two-way communication with video and audio verification for entry control. In addition, these video intercom systems are also installed in commercial and residential areas where security is required at a high level.

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd offers an effective intercom solution in standard analogue and cloud-based IP for advanced security. Choose or find a high-performance product that suits your needs. The best thing about our product is that it is integrated with the CCTV and alarm system.

Key Features of Our Video Intercom

Before buying an intercom system, you need to understand the features first. Efficient Systems Pte Ltd offers modern technology-based video intercom systems with multiple features to make your life easier. Let’s have a look!

Advanced Security

We provide advanced security features with an advanced intercom security system. It offers visual intelligence of personnel at the door.

IP-Based Systems

Our intercom is an IP-based system that allows you to connect via Cloud from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

The Access Control System

When you install our Video Intercom systems, they will provide you with an access control system. It means you can authorise entry or exit via centralised monitoring software.

Storage Option

With an advanced security feature, you will also receive a storage option. It will help store the image snapshots or video footage for evidence.

How Does Our Video Intercom System Work?

We offer a modern video intercom system that allows two-way communication. This system manages the calls made at the entrance. Then, it will transmit the audio and video from the front door to the interior device. You can easily see who is in the doorway and decide whether you want to let them in or not!

Basically, in simple words, when a visitor comes to your entryway, it records the video footage using a security camera. This footage is visible on the interior monitor, and the admin can see and speak to visitors before letting them in.

Explore the Variety of Video Intercom Systems

Once you have decided to install a Video Intercom on your premises, we are here to assist you. Efficient Systems Pte Ltd offers a wide range of the best quality intercom systems at the most affordable price. Explore our website today to find the perfect intercom system that caters to your specific requirements!