Telephone Entry & Intercom System

Efficient Systems Pte ltd provides various intercom systems.
The intercom system is usually a visitor call panel for visitor to call the resident of house or apartment. Inside the house or apartment, you may have up to 4 video monitors to see the identity of the visitor so users can decide to open an electric gate or not. You may also talk to the visitor outside the entrance of your premises. The video intercom system will almost always have an intercom doorbell as well. This intercom doorbell is to alert the home of any visitors ate the doors. For video intercom system you may choose from many different size of video monitor screens to suit you décor.
Intercom system for office is pretty similar to the House intercom system, except that the intercom system for office may need connection to the office PABX system. The intercom system for office also allows for multiple entrances and multiple receiver monitor so that different department may control the intercom of their respective entrances.
The other most cost effective, reliable and low maintenance intercom system is the Telephone entry system. This Telephone entry system as the name implies uses the PSTN network to communicate with your house land line phones or mobile phones. You can may open the door to your premises from any phone and opening the access is via pressing a number on your keypad. Using telephone entry system do not require you to run massive amounts of cables. This is true especially for apartment blocks. This in itself is very cost effective. This type of intercom system also allows for fast implementation with little or no disruptions.
We have another latest in intercom system technology is using your apps on the mobile phone to answer, identify and open the gate/door. This system uses SIP technology and allows communication via wifi or LAN. This Video Intercom system using apps and cloud is the latest in Video intercom technology. This video intercom system also allows for inter-unit communications. This Video intercom system does not require any major cabling works. This is ideal for replacement of old intercom system.

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