Queue Management System

How our Queue Number System works

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd provides the most advanced queue number system available today. The queuing system allows users to get a queue number at only after arriving at the premises or in advance. This can be done with our mobile apps and/ or through SMS. Our Queue Number System also allows for integration with your web site to allow your customers to monitor the queue number being served through the browser.

Our queue management system is running on an Android Platform thus making our queue numbering system or Queuing System extremely stable and easily expendable.

All reports may be customized to your needs. And makes tracking and monitoring counter activities easily by administrators.

Our queue management system or Queuing System can be setup using either a Local Area Network or WiFi which made it very flexible.

For the display of the Queuing System, the Queue Numbers could be displayed as well as missed queue numbers. You can also on the queuing system display a video or live stream any video to interface with the queue numbers. This will allow those in the queue to be entertained. Any Display may be integrated with our queue as long as the display has a HDMI input.