Public Address System

Public Address System (PA System)


PA system is Public Address System. This system is used for sound amplification of voice or music over a large area.

PA system are usually used in shopping malls, Hospitals, airports, factories, schools and any other premises that requires to broadcast an announcement or message for a large number of people in a large area.

PA system usually consist of Microphones, for the announcer to speak into to convert his voice into electrical pulses, Amplifier to magnify the announcer’s voice, and speakers to convert the electrical pulses to sound.

PA system may be also including automatic voice messages for different emergency announcements, like fire or gas leaks etc.PA systems may also include Zones for different areas, with different types of speakers for that area.

PA system comes in analogue or Network Type. The analogue type is a traditional configuration using 2 to 4 core cables to run from speakers to amplifiers. The network type uses the TCP/IP network structure to connect the amplifiers, speakers and microphone.

The network type allows users to channel music or announcement to zones or even individual speakers to make an announcement.