office phone system

Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Office Phone Systems are typically consisting of a main distributor and telephones. Office phone systems can also be divided into 2 types.

Type one is the analogue type which uses Single line phones or Keyphones and they use the PSTN to make and receive calls. This type of Office Phone systems uses the Central Office lines and this is usually by subscribing from telecom companies.


Type 2 is the IP PABX. That is using the internet or LAN to make and receive calls. We can have a IP office phone anywhere in the world to set as an extension of an office system. You may from your office make an extension or virtual intercom call to the IP office phone as if the office phone extension is in the office premises. All is set using TCP/IP. IP office phone systems or IP PABX and IP office phone are more flexible and allows for many types of integration. You may integrate the office phone systems to video door phones, P.A. systems, locking systems and etc.

IP office phone systems will require SIP trunks instead of PSTN lines. Office phone will be IP type and these comes in many variants which may include video on a 7-inch screen. You may also use your mobile phone as a IP office phone.


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