Guard Tour System

The Guard tour system in Singapore

The Guard Tour System consist of a reader and check points. There will be a Software to collect and manage all the route and check points locations.

This Guard Tour software will download the data of the route, the check points, and the guard that was assign to do the tour.

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd has a guard tour solution that can take all the guards instantaneous real time clocking of the check points during their tour. The Guard Tour System will also detect if the guards are not following the route as defined.

This type of Guard Tour System will manage the guard’s efficiency and productivity. A basic type of Guard Tour System has a docking station to upload the handheld reader read data to the software. But for the GPRS or 4 G Guard Tour readers there is not docking station as data id upload to software in real time but requires a mobile sim card in the reader.

Our Guard Tour solution has various types of check point tags. We also provide high security type check point tags that cannot be duplicated or cloned.