HD CCTV & CCTV Camera Price

CCTV Systems usually consist of security cameras and a recording device. Security cameras are HD CCTV security camera and/or IP security camera. Prices of the CCTV camera depends on the type of system that will fit your requirement and budget. CCTV camera price also depends on the type of cameras you will need.

IP Security Cameras

Types of HD cctv cameras are CVI cameras, TVI cameras, Analog cameras and IP security cameras. These CCTV prices may vary according to the resolution. The higher the resolution the more expensive the cctv cameras price will be. CCTV prices also depends if it is for outdoor or indoor use and if it there is any motorized functions like zooming and panning. This type of cctv camera will cost more. The CCTV comes with a recorder which can be a NVRs which is for IP security cameras or XVRs for analogue HD CCTV camera and/or analogue CVBS cameras.

HD CCTV cameras are denoted by the MPs which is the mega pixels of the security cameras. The higher the mega pixel the more expensive is the CCTV cameras and overall price of the recorders and security cameras.

Office Security Cameras

IP security camera or typical HD cctv security cameras will also have lenses. The lower the number means the wider the angle. Example office security cameras with 2.8mm lens can see a wider angle than a security camera with 6mm lens. 2.8 mm lens security cameras will see a wider angle but smaller subjects while 6mm lens will see less but subject will be nearer and bigger.

For modern HD CCTV systems, the cameras use CMOS instead of CCDs as with IP security camera. The CCTV camera or the CCTV price will depend on the features of the security cameras.

The IP Security Camera provides surveillance of digital footage by sending and receiving via the internet or local area network (LAN). IP cameras are far superior to other types of cameras. This camera offers a higher resolution picture quality than any other camera provides.

When it comes to installation, the cost of CCTV cameras depends on the CCTV variant, brand, quality, quantity, client budget, and requirements.