Carpark Barrier & Turnstile Systems

Car Park Barrier & Access Control Turnstile Gate in Singapore

At Efficient Systems, we provide not only card access for normal office doors and entrances but we also provide, access control turnstile, turnstile gate and car park barrier in Singapore. Access control turnstiles are usually used in dormitories to enforce one person at a time entry. Turnstile gate for an entrance also allows for orderly movement of personal in or out of a premise. These can be incorporated with a card access reader, face scan reader or fingerprint reader. This will enhance the security of the turnstile gate and attendance of the people moving in and out of the premise may be taken accurately as the access control turnstile only allows for 1 person at a time to vacate or entry.

Car Park Barrier in Singapore

Car park barrier in Singapore is similar to turnstile gate in Singapore or flap barrier gate. These gates allow only one at a time to go in or out of a car park. Car park barrier arms we provide can go up to 6 metres. And we also provide various operation speeds.

All our Access control turnstile, Flap barrier, turnstile gates and car park barrier can be used in conjunction with our card access control systems, biometric access control system and etc to make it a secured controlled entrance.

The Benefits of Buying a Turnstile Gate in Singapore

  • Authentication with Integrated Access Control

Turnstile gates integrate with access control turnstile systems to provide seamless authentication, limiting access to restricted areas to authorised personnel while upholding security.

  • Protect Entry Detection for unmanned Entrance Lobby

Turnstile gates improve security by prohibiting unauthorised access and guaranteeing that only one person can enter at a time. This feature is especially helpful for unmanned entrance lobbies.

  • Protection of Corporate Assets

Turnstile gate in Singapore lower the danger of theft or unauthorised usage by limiting access to business properties and protecting intellectual property, sensitive data, and valuable assets from unauthorised parties.

  • Prevent the Risks of Violence at Work

By acting as a physical barrier to keep unauthorised people out of the building, turnstile gates lower the possibility of violence and disturbances at work while also guaranteeing a safer working environment for both staff and guests.

Design and Features

Tripod Turnstile

They have a classic, cross-functional design and a small overall footprint. They are often placed in schools, hospitals, convention and exhibition centres, museums, theme parks, and recreation areas.

  • A mechanical driving mechanism makes it easy to push the arm through.
  • A failsafe function that lets the arm fall when the power source is interrupted and automatically raises it when the power comes back on.
  • It is easy to use and straightforward. The arm is in lock position at all times; upon receiving a signal, it unlocks and locks again after a timeout or one revolution.
  • DC Brushless Motor, low maintenance rate.
  • It can be integrated with card access, biometrics, facial recognition, barcode, or QR code readers for access control turnstile.

Full Height Turnstile

It is used to significantly increase entrance control security and reliably prevent unauthorised entry. It is also used at sites needing strong security such as factories, stadiums, and auditoriums.

  • Anti-tailgating devices with high security and minimal surveillance. Suitable for usage in locations where anti-tailgating is required.
  • The device uses the unique double cam approach. As a result, for zero point locking and unlocking, the turnstiles are more precise and dependable.
  • It features an alarm indication feature and failure self-detection.
  • It features an automated feature that opens or closes when the electricity is turned off.
  • The equipment includes a single, standard electrical interface, which may be fully integrated with different kinds of access control.
  • A direction indicator that indicates whether a person is allowed to pass or not.

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