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Long Range Card Reder & Hid Card Reader

Card reader access systems usually consist of a device to read a credential to identify the user. A card access system usually consists of a reader, be it a standard card reader, HID proximity card reader, or any HID reader, Blue tooth reader, biometric reader, face scan reader, Palm vein reader, Long Range card reader and etc and with a set of locking device, these will make up part of access control systems.

Access card reader have a few types of card formats. The most common and can easily be cloned or duplicated are the EM or ID access card readers and they are what we called low frequency 125KHz formats. These cards have the lowest security level. The HID proximity card readers, with reads HID prox cards falls in this category. To slightly enhance the security of your card reader access systems you shall need a biometric reader or keypad to provide card / PIN or card / biometric as a authentication credentials.

The HID Card Reader is also an access card reader used in conjunction with HID cards. It is placed near the access point and is programmed to grant access to the user when they place an HID card near the reader. 

The HID Proximity Card Reader is a central part of access control or smart card system. This contains little boxes letting in the authorized users by verifying the cardholder information. It also refuses cards that are not part of the system. 

Card Access System & Access Card Reader

The other category is the 13.56 Mhz high frequency formats like the Mifare cards. Mifare cards are also commonly used as a card access reader. Mifare classic can also be clone and thus not a very good format to use as a card reader for card access systems. While the HID reader, iclass formats, or Mifare Desfire cards are the best at the moment as they cannot be duplicated at the moment. Thus these are the most secure access card reader at the moment.

Another type of access card reader is the long-range reader. They come in a variety of frequencies. This long-range card reader is usually used for car park entrances or any vehicular card access control systems. The read range is from 0.3 metre to 12 metre. Long-range reader is usually used in automatic entrance.

The Long Range Card Reader is designed to detect unidentified vehicles and prohibit their entry into the premises. This card is recognized and controls multiple cards at the same time. The information card and tag are installed in the vehicle that is read.