Biometric Reader

Biometric Door Access Control & Fingerprint System in Singapore

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd provides a variety of biometric door access system in Singapore. Our biometric access control system uses the Face, Fingerprint and palm print as a method of identification.

The most common Biometric door access system in Singapore is fingerprint access control system using Fingerprint reader and/or Face scan reader. These readers read the Fingerprint and face of individuals to allow or disallow them to access an entrance or to clock in or clock out into their daily work schedule for pay calculation and attendance record. Fingerprint access control system is the most matured type of biometric.

Using biometric device is the most secure way for time attendance because your staff cannot do buddy punching of the attendance. Be it using a fingerprint reader, face scan reader or any kind of biometric reader will be the best method to prevent cheating of working hours.

Fingerprint Reader and Biometric Reader

The biometric device may also be used as a biometric access control system. To have a simple keyless entry you may use any of out biometric readers, like or fingerprint reader, face scan reader or palm vein reader this will provide not only attendance records but also to manage the accessing of your entrance. Biometric access control system will be even more secure if they are connected to our enterprise configuration which include connection to our access controllers. This will be a very secure option. All your information will be pushed to a computer where all your data shall be stored. Trying to tamper with the biometric reader to access the entrance will not be easily done.

Being a leading company providing card and biometric door access control system in Singapore, with in house engineers and technicians, whatever your requirement for your access control or attendance system, we at Efficient Systems can provide you a choice of biometric reader, Fingerprint reader, face reader, card reader or any 2 authentication methods that should serve your needs not only for the present but also for future expansion.