Access Control System

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd has been providing time and attendance systems and access control systems in Singapore for almost 25 years. An mobile access control system is not just about using PIN, cards or biometric to access an entrance but also the need to know the level of security that one requires for the premises.

PIN access is the least secure. The user when keying in the PIN, may have the PIN compromised when some stranger memorised after seeing the user key in the PIN.
Card Access uses a card to gain entry into the premises. But there are many types of card formats and systems that one should carefully select as some cards may be clone or content read from the cards to duplicate to make a series of cards that could be read by the Card Access System.

We can provide access control system in Singapore that will cater to all needs. Example:

Building access control systems that can you can manage the entire building door entry access or entrance access. Using our Building Access management software, there is also a professional version which includes Door Access Control and time attendance system. This software will allow you to have full control over your door access with time and attendance management of your users. With our access control system, you can also set different level of users. For example, level one users are allowed 24/7 to all entries or doors with no restrictions. Level 2 users only allowed certain entries or doors and at only a specific time. And level 3 is where they cannot access any doors except a certain day. These are just examples of what our building access control systems are capable of.

The Time and Attendance management system allows you to set shifts, late or early criteria, reports and which entry or door they can access to report for work. For this time attendance management system, we can also have a report on the time they clock in and clock out and at which location of each individual user.

Efficient Systems Pte Ltd also provides Door Access System in Singapore. Single Door Access System is basically a standalone door access or door entry systems. it can come with a simple door access control and, time and attendance system. For a simple standalone door access system, you may have a software running on a PC with LAN connection or using a USB drive to extract your transaction log. You may generate reports too.

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