How to Have Fool-Proof Privacy & Security for Residential Properties

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As human it is not possible to be vigilant all the time and doing so might be restrictive to your daily lives if you need to be on high alert at all time.

If you take the right steps and measures to ensure your security, you can sit back and relax, knowing you and your properties are well protected from external threats.

The basic reason for security threats is unauthorized access to your property. If you could control the access of people to your property, you would eliminate many security threats before they even reach you.

 Components of Fool Proof Security System:

If you want to have the liberty of sitting back and relaxing, continue reading as we are about to share our foolproof security system with only two affordable components.

This security system will work equally well for both residential and commercial properties and will provide you complete control over who can access your properties.

The two components of this security system are:

 1. Intercom system

2. Door entry systems

 1. Intercom System:

An intercom system is a communication system that can be used in two ways. One, it can be used to ask for identification before somebody accesses the property. Two, you can use it to communicate with others in case there is a threat.

Let’s see how an intercom system can help you.

 How it Works:

An intercom system is designed to work in a closed area, for indoor or outdoor communication. It can be installed at the entry points of a residential building or an office and can be used to monitor who enters or tries to enter the building.

You can use the system to ask a visitor or his identity and purpose of access and only allow him in if you want to. For larger areas, the intercom systems have two divisions. One is a base station and the others are substations.

The base station is established at a central point whereas substations are installed at all the entry points. Security personnel keep a check on the visitors and ask them for their identity and purpose. Then they can contact the relevant person to ask if they recognize the visitor and if he should be allowed in. If approved, access is granted to a visitor, or otherwise, he is asked to leave.

The same can be used without a base station. In this circuit, an intercom is installed such that it is installed at the main entry point and the substations are provided to all the residents or workers of a department.

The visitor can directly contact the relevant person and can only enter the restricted area if the relevant person allows him to.

 Extra Security Features:

Intercom systems are so widely used and are so effective that burglars are forced to come up with ways to surpass them. This is the reason an intercom system has been continuously evolving.

For extra security, you need to learn about three different types of intercom. The types are:

1. Hard Wired Intercom

2. Wireless Intercom

3. Video Intercom

A hardwired intercom uses a hardwire to connect the base station to substations whereas wireless does this wirelessly through signals. Both these systems can interfere if you temper the wire, cut it or use frequency modulation to mess up with the signals.

For this purpose, you can use a video intercom system that uses a video camera on the entry station so that visuals can be obtained of the visitor so that it can be verified that the confirmation is coming from the concerned person himself and is being granted to the visitor and there is no confusion.

2. Door Entry Systems:

To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of an intercom system, you need to couple it with door entry systems.

Door entry systems are specially designed doors that are more reliable for security than ordinary doors and use an integrated verification panel to allow access to only authorized people.

They can also be used in isolation in high-risk areas where visitors are expected.

How it Works:

Door entry systems work with the help of integrated lock systems that can store the identity of those who are granted access and only allow them to get in and not to anybody to who the system does not identifies.

The integrated locks can use multiple ways to allow access such as a keypad and a pin code that is only given to those who are granted access. The door will only open if you enter the right code.

Similarly, it can also use fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to allow access to authorized people. This system is mostly used in offices and gated areas. 

Assembly of Fool Proof Security System:

If an intercom system is coupled with door entry systems, it will result in a foolproof security system.

If you use an intercom security system without a base station, you might not be able to control the visitors that effectively because a violent visitor can still make his way in.

But if you use it with door entry systems, a visitor will not be able to surpass it until you allow him to.

Similarly, if you go for advanced features, you can see using your video intercom system who is trying to access it and talk to him to allow him in from your door if you recognize him. If you don’t, it will take a lot of technical skills to surpass your well secured door and you will even have enough time to call for security.

And if you are expecting a special guest or have a permanent visitor who you trust, you can also use your security system to grant him hassle-free access to avoid any embarrassment.

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