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blog-img 05 Aug 2021

How to Have Fool-Proof Security for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are usually larger in space and might have more security concerns compared to residential properties as they contain more valuable things on the premises. This would hence also add to the risk and concerns on the security and...

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blog-img 04 Aug 2021

How to Have Fool-Proof Privacy & Security for Residential Properties

As human it is not possible to be vigilant all the time and doing so might be restrictive to your daily lives if you need to be on high alert at all time. If you take the right steps and...

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blog-img 15 Jan 2021

Why Should You Install Time Attendance System In the Workplace?

The time attendance system is gaining popularity with each passing day in the business world. This system has become an essential part of the organizations in keeping a record of their employees and calculating work hours. The mobile access control...

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blog-img 12 Jan 2021

Why Do You Need Video Intercom Systems At Home?

Who does not want to boost security around their home? People go to any lengths to ensure their property is safe and secure. In this challenge, video intercom systems play a crucial role and make the work easy for homeowners....

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blog-img 29 Dec 2020

What Are The Different Types Of Time And Attendance Systems?

Time and attendance systems are used to track entrance and exit of the people in buildings or at the workplace. It helps in monitoring the clocking in and clocking out of the employees, schedules, working hours, and total work time....

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blog-img 13 Nov 2019

Should I Install a Biometric Reader in My Workplace

When you are running any kind of business, one of the most important factors that can come to mind is security. Keeping people in the building safe is one thing, but so is making sure that they can feel safe...

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